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Name Taiki
Age 10
Birthday 18th August (headcanon)
Suite Water 1-C

Current state Just arrived


Black trousers and shoes, a white under robe and black over robe with white trim.

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Player Information:
Name: Katy
Age: 24
Contact: AIM: jipaltara Plurk: damua
Game Cast: Newbie



Name: Taiki - also Takasato Kaname (his earth name) or Kouri (a nickname given to him by his king)
Canon: 12 Kingdoms
Canon Point: After the crowning of Gyousou, about a month into his reign.
Age: 10
Reference: Here



The world of the 12 kingdoms is actually two worlds. Earth and a second world called the twelve kingdoms. These worlds are connected and there are those who can pass from one to another. Earth is pretty much identical to our own, at the point where Taiki is from it is about 1988ish. Japan (named Horai by the 12 Kingdoms) is the only country seen in the novels and the anime and supposedly where the connection between this world and the 12 Kingdoms lies.

The 12 Kingdoms

As for the twelve kingdoms themselves, after a period where the rulers of the world ruled with injustice and showed no respect to their subjects Tentei made the world anew. Thirteen kingdoms were created, with the center one being Mt. Hou, a holy mountain surrounded by the yellow sea, which is not a sea at all but rather a landmass filled with demons. It is on Mt. Hou that Kirin are hatched.

Tentei is the creator god of the twelve kingdoms. There are other gods, but Tentei is the only one continuously referred to by name. He is also known as emperor of the heavens and it is him that couples prey to when they wish a child. The gods are the ones who chose the king

The other Kingdoms are En, Han, Hou, Kei, Kou, Kyou, Ren, Ryuu, Sai, Shun, Sou and Tai. Each kingdom was given a King chosen by the gods and a Kirin who channeled the will of the gods in order to find the king for the kingdom.

There are four inner kingdoms and four outer kingdoms. The status of each kingdom is reliant on how the King is in that kingdom, with some kingdoms being very prosperous for hundreds of years and others going through strings of kings that only last a few years each, and therefore are constantly in tumult (Kei is a good example of this). However this only affects the country in which the king is failing and does not extend over borders.

In the time that Taiki comes from Hou is unstable and Shun is believed to be coming unstable despite the King having lasted forty years. Kei is still stabilising. The other kingdoms have long standing rulers and are stable and prospering. King Sou is the longest reigning monarch, having ruled for almost 600 years.

There is no violence or war between kingdoms. To someone living in the Twelve Kingdoms such a concept is almost unthinkable but in the case that it does happen the gods would take action and strike the Kirin with shitsedou (see Kirin, Kings and Kingdoms).

Each Kingdom produces and exports different things. For example Tai is famous for gem springs (literally natural seams of gems that come up from the ground) but the climate is not suitable for agriculture.

En is very agricultural, is famous for innovation and its liberal policies regarding refugees from turbulent kingdoms, Earth and also its policies towards Hanjyuu- allowing them to attend higher levels of education or obtain employment. Shun is known for precious stones and medicinal springs. There is trade between the stable prospering kingdoms and some kingdoms such as En try and help the citizens of failing countries though they cannot interfere directly in other kingdoms affairs without the permission of the King of that kingdom.

People of the Twelve Kingdoms

One of the most notable differences between Earth and the Twelve Kingdoms is that the people of the Twelve Kingdoms are born in Ranka (egg fruits). When a couple want a child they tie a piece of ribbon to a sacred tree (called a Riboku tree) and pray to Tentei, a child then grows on the tree in a Ranka and hatches from it.

Because people quite literally grow on trees, family is a little different than many cultures on earth. There are still family units and people still care deeply for their family. But the raising of a child is seen more as a holy duty and less continuing your own line, children do not inherit from their parents but are given land and resources to make it on their own once they reach adulthood.

As well as humans, demons and kirin there are also hanjyuu. Hanjyuu are half beasts that have both a human and animal form, they are born from the Riboku tree like humans (and have human parents). They are just as intelligent as humans but are in many kingdoms considered less than human and have fewer rights.


As previously mentioned the worlds are conencted and certain creatures (Kirin being one) can travel from one world to another. However there are also storms (called Shoku) which can blow people from one to another.

Those that are blown from earth to the twelve kingdoms are refugees there, they can't speak the language but most of the more stable kingdoms try and provide for them. It is less likely that people are blown the other way but if so it is usually when they are still in ranka (egg fruits) and they are blown to earth and born to a human family, to those of the twelve kingdoms they are called Taika.

Youma, Youjyuu and other creatures

Youma (demons) are monsters that inhabit the Kingdoms. No one knows where they come from (no tree that hatches them has ever been found) nor is it known how long their natural lives are. They mostly roam the Yellow sea, though they are also found in the Kingdoms themselves, especially those Kingdoms that lack a King, where they appear in great numbers.

Youma are always male and generally evil unless serving a Kirin. Kirin are the only creatures that can subdue them, they make a pact with them. The Youma serves the Kirin (as a Shirei) and in return on the Kirin's death is allowed to consume the body and therefore the magical energy of the Kirin. The intelligence levels of Youma differs, with some being capable of human speech. A Shirei therefore is simply a Youma that has made a pact with a Kirin. There is no difference in abilities between a wild Youma and a Shirei. Shirei however are good, as they serve the will of the Kirin and revert to being wild Youma after a Kirin's death.

Youjyuu are another kind of monster, one that can be tamed by humans. They make great and powerful mounts. They also do not seem to be have trees (there is no thing as a baby Youjyuu...) and are found in the Yellow sea, they feed off Youma. Youjyuu that have been caught and tamed as mounts are called Kijyuu

Nyokai are nursemaid demons. They are female Youma that hatch on Mt. Hou just before a Kirin and are destined to protect the Kirin's ranka and the Kirin themselves when they are young. They are a mixture of creatures, and the more creatures in the mix the greater they are said to be. Their egg fruits hatch from the roots of the tree that the Kirin are born from. They die when the Kirin die.

Kirin, Kings and Kingdoms

Kirin are holy creatures. They cannot harm or kill others unless ordered to by their king. They become weakened at the sight and smell of blood, and if exposed to a lot of blood develop blood sickness (which results in fever symptoms). They do not eat meat or other products from animals. Meat at least actively makes them ill. Their horns are only seen in beast form, in human form it is nothing more than a faint freckle on their forehead but Kirin dislike it being touched, it makes them feel nauseous.

Kirin grow on a special tree called the Shashinboku in the centre of the world. They typically spend there first few years in beast form before slowly being able to take on a second humanoid form. These first few years are spent in the yellow sea subduing shirei until they finally return to Mt. Hou and the sages there.

Usually once a kirin reaches an age of maturity (which is usually classed as the age they are able to maintain a human form) the gates to Mt. Hou are opened and all those from the kingdom who wish to make pilgramage do so. The Kirin meets with these people and searches for the king. The king has an Ouki (an aura) around them. This aura is the sign from the gods that they are the one chosen to be the king. This Ouki is often more of a feeling, am instinctive knowledge that this is the ruler of their kingdom.

To chose the king the Kirin bows before them and swears an oath, therefore bestowing the will of the gods on them. The King and Kirin then ascend and go to their kingdom. The king and kirin are linked to the land, if the king fails the kingdom and it's people the Kirin is struck with a wasting disease called shitsedou, if the king refuses to change their ways the Kirin dies and a king without a kirin won't live out the year. Without a king the kingdom is thrown into chaos, demons attack and it cannot prosper until the new Kirin finds the next king.

And so the kirin's job is to keep the king on the right path, and successful kingdoms can last hundreds of years (En being a good example.)

Kirin are immortal, except when they die of shitsudou, killed by enchanted weapons (or if they fail to find the king, in which case they will not live past thirty years), kings once they have taken the throne are also immortal and there is a system of sages, whereby those who serve the crown are also granted immortality by a register of immortality.

Kirin are named for their kingdom, so a Kirin's name is the name of the Kingdom (in this case Tai) and a suffix of ki (if male) and rin (if female). Some Kirin are given familiar names by their Kings, or if they are Taika keep their earth names. Taiki's earth name is Takasato Kaname and Gyousou gives him the nickname of Kouri, which is an alternative spelling of Takasato as well as a mountain of the dead, an omen so ominous that Gyousou is sure it will give good luck.

As well as not being able to fight, Kirin can not bow to anyone who is not their king, they cannot make a vow to anyone who is not their king. Whilst with their king they feel blissful and happy but when parted from them they are saddened.


Is the Kingdom that Taiki is kirin of. Tai is located in the North East of the Twelve Kingdoms, it has a cold climate and long winters. Even when it is warmer it has a constant cold breeze. It's main resource is it's jewel springs though because of the last king these have become depleted. A common story told of the king before Gyousou is that he had a different musician in every room of the palace.

Before Gyousou the last king (named the arrogant king after his death) ruled for 124 years before losing the way. Because Taiki was lost as a ranka and not found for ten years the kingdom fell into ruin without a king. By the time Gyousou is crowned it is torn by civil war and completely bankrupt.

The capitol city is called Kouki (not to be muddled with the male kirin of Kou...). People in Tai are known to be hot tempered and fierce, probably because of how hard they have to fight to survive in a country with no natural food resources and constant bitter winters.

Saku Gyousou

Lord Gyousou, the Peace King of Tai is Taiki's king. He was a famous general in the army. He was one of the pilgrims to Mt. Hou in the hope of being chosen as king. However Taiki, misunderstanding the aura, does not chose him until Gyousou is half way down the mountain, once the gates have been closed. He is very proud (for example he is going to step down from the army when he believes himself to not have been chosen as king, as he sees it as a humbling thing). At first Taiki is afraid of him, though he also likes him and wishes to spend time with him. Gyousou is always very patient with Taiki, worries about his opinions and also the fact he is so young. He also shows awe at how strong willed Taiki can be.

Youko Nakajima

Even though Youko's story doesn't start until 5 years after Taiki's canon point and so Taiki has no idea who she is, she is the main character of the central plot arc and so deserves a mention! She is a sixteen year old student in Japan, who is also a Taika. She is taken to the Twelve Kingdoms by Keiki, and becomes Queen of Kei. Her character arc focuses on her growth as queen, from her being a shy student to a queen who knows she is fit to rule.

Personality: If Taiki was writing a report on his life he would conclude "could do better." Taiki is a black Kirin, rare and beautiful, his coming said to bring joy. However he is also a Taika, his Ranka lost in a shoku and taken to Hourai. Growing up in a world not his own he always felt like he was different. He wasn't a strong child and lived with the feeling that he was not good enough. He didn't fit in at school, at home he constantly drew his grandmothers ire. He mentions in the novels about his mothers tears, and how he knew they were caused by him even if she tried to hide them from him. Indeed when we first meet Taiki he has been sent to stand out in the yard in the snow for being disrespectful to his grandmother (he batted her hand away, because she touched his forehead where his horn is). This constant feeling of being a disappointment never leaves him and is a big part of his character and how he reacts to the challenges he comes across in canon.

When he was finally found and taken back to Mt. Hou everything made sense; he had never been a part of that family. He wasn't human that was why he never felt like he belonged. Though he does miss his family he knows that he can't go back, because his place is in the twelve kingdoms.

However the feeling of inadequacy never left him. Becoming worse since being a kirin, something that should be purely instinctive and natural to him, comes hard. Most Kirin spend their first five years in Kirin form, able to transform into human form after a couple of years and slowly able to maintain it for longer. Using the yellow sea as their playground they tame Shirei to protect them. By the time they can maintain a human form and are ready to chose a king they have several Shirei to protect them. Not so for Taiki. Despite Keiki's reassurance that changing form was as easy as lifting your arm, Taiki is unable to do so. In fact he wasn't really sure what he should be transforming into (he translates kirin into the more mundane form of a giraffe and tries to do neck stretches to help the change).

His attempts at catching Shirei of his own were equally unsuccessful and his feelings of inadequacy grow. He feels like he is disappointing the sages, who were so kind to him and he worries about what will happen if he cannot be a proper Kirin. Even when the sages find another Kirin to help him he struggles (mostly because said Kirin is Keiki and Keiki is the last person you should get to help explain anything ever).

Taiki likes Keiki despite the fact he confuses him more. Taiki actually likes most people, he is the sort of person who takes things on face value. If you are kind to him, and aren't murdering people where he can see you he will probably like you. This can (and does) lead to problems, he trusts those he shouldn't and isn't cautious enough around those who seem outwardly good and kind.

Despite his nerves and lack of self confidence he is a very affectionate child who likes being around people. He often seems older than his years, explained mostly by his duty and the fact he spends most of his time with adults; even Enki who looks to be only a couple of years older than him is over five hundred.

When Taiki meets his king he does not recognise the revelation for what it is, mistaking it instead for fear. He acknowledges him as king but believes he has done it out of selfish reasons and has gone against the will of the gods. He spends a long time terrified that the gods will strike down Gyousou and that Tai is doomed. He doesn't tell anyone, because he fears their reaction when they know how much he has failed. Until he finally breaks and tells Keiki, showing once again how much he trusts him.

Even before he knows Gyousou is the king everything about him brings out Taiki's kirin instincts. It is order to protect him that he binds a Toutetsou Youma- so powerful that most Kirin would not survive the encounter, as his shirei. This is an example of Taiki's extra ordinary willpower. It is something that only surfaces when he needs to protect others.

When Gyousou is leaving Mt. Hou Taiki's urge to go after him forces him to transform for the first time. Yet despite all that he still doubts himself.

Despite the fact that he has chosen his king and therefore reached Kirin maturity, and has begun to stop aging (though he hopes to be at least as tall as Enki before he stops growing!) he is only ten years old. He is timid and assumes everything is his fault, or his problem to fix. He apologises unnecessarily and is very open about his emotions, often crying when he is scared or sad.

As for how Taiki will react to the news he is now in a state between life, death and dreaming. If I am being perfectly honest he will probably cry. Because that is really scary news and very confusing to a tiny ten year old who has just found his rightful place in the multiverse.

But then he will stop crying, he will be scared to be on his own, and sad because Gyousou is not there (this is part of being a kirin, a general sadness/downness when not near the king). Time back home frozen or not he will want to get back to Gyousou as quickly as possible. He will also be frightened by the idea of a war, since he is a Kirin and not really made for war, or able or inclined to fight one.

Apart from that he will generally do as he is told, being dragged to another world for a purpose he doesn't fully understand isn't exactly new to him and so he will do his best to not cause any trouble and do his best to fit in with the other people there. He is young but resourceful, he has his Shirei who act as caretakers, bodyguards and cuddle pals.

Appearance: This is Taiki isn't he adorable. He also has A beast form

Abilities: Like all Kirin in the twelve kingdoms Taiki has a mixture of abilities. He is immortal and unaging, normal weapons cannot kill him- though beheading him can. His health is linked to his monarch and country; meaning if his king is bad for the country Taiki will be struck down by a disease called Shitsudou.

As previously mentioned Taiki did not grow up in Kirin form, and so only has his Nyokai - a nursemaid demon, his is called Haku Sanshi, and a very powerful Toutetsou Youma called Gouran a shape shifter which often takes the form of a small dog. Though that is not its only form

These Shirei are vital as Kirin abhor conflict, get weak and dizy at the sight and smell of blood and are physically incapable of violence. They make a pact with these shirei- the demons agree to protect and obey them and in return on the kirin's death they consume the body and gain power.When Taiki is in Kirin form he can fly, is fast and can move through solid material. He can also do simple divination and create small storms between his world and our world (earth)

Inventory: Pretty much... just his clothes. So Black trousers and shoes, a white under robe and black over robe with white trim.

Suite: I think Taiki would fit into the water sector, the calmness of the people would probably keep him calm for the most part and he likes water and open spaces. The lack of gangs and crime is also a good thing too! A one floor suite is fine for him, he is rather small and doesn't need much space.

In-Character Samples:
Third Person: Taiki hid quietly behind the large jewelled column, trying his best to not make any sound at all. He could hear Sanshi creeping around looking for him and i was hard not to let out a giggle.

She probably knew where he was already, she always did because she could see his aura even when he hid behind things. But Taiki was just grateful that she was playing with him at all, she rarely came out nowadays, staying in his shadow and chiding him gently for wanting her company. He wasn't a child anymore and he had duties. He could not run around the palace with his Nyokai.

The problem was that he seemed to be always underfoot when he tried to do those duties. Lord Gyousou never sent him away from his presence but he was so busy and he always told Taiki he didn't need to trouble himself with helping with such things as reports, that he should focus on his studies.

But Taiki wanted to help, he hated seeing him having so much work to do. But he also knew that his King was right, he had to learn more before he could be actually useful. Today was a warm day, of course there was still a cold breeze. His tutor had let him off early, Taiki figured he had become annoyed with Taiki's slowness at learning the history that he was trying to teach him.

He had wandered the gardens, feeling sad that he had disappointed his teacher, when Sanshi had suggested the game. The palace gardens had a lot of places to hide, even with a lot of the statues having been sold to try and restore the kingdoms depleted treasury.

He heard footsteps behind him and grinned as he saw Sanshi advancing on him, he jumped up and ran from his hiding place. The Nyokai chased him and he crawled under bench to escape- it had been a long standing rule that she was not allowed to just appear in his shadow and he was not allowed to run through things or fly, but there was nothing against using his size to his advantage. It sometimes made him a bit worried that he might not grow any taller, but he held onto hope that he would at least get as tall as Enki before he stopped growing all together.

He dashed around a corner and halted as he saw a group there, caught between shame at being caught doing such a childish thing and happiness that one of those in that group was Lord Gyousou.

Sanshi disappeared, though her hand lingered on his, invisible but there, reassuring. He bowed to his King and at a gesture went to his side, trying his best to catch up with the discussion the ministers were having.

Network: Um [There is a small nervous looking child looking into the computer screen.] Hello [He smiles though he clearly looks uncomfortable at the idea of making himself the subject of peoples attention]

The Kedan, they said I should make a post to practice using the computer. [He didn't know if it had been an actual order or just a suggestion or if they would check, but he didn't want to upset them or make them disappointed on his first day.] I'm Taiki. Um... [He looks down a moment, and then looks back up; eyes wide]

Do we really have to fight? Um... I mean that's what they said... but... [His voice drops] I can't...

[He looks worried, like he's afraid someone will tell him off and he brings his hand to the mouse, pausing a moment while he remembers how to disconnect.]


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You know the drill
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Taiki was restless, he hadn't been able to concentrate on his lessons all morning. His teachers had been patient with him, more patient then they really should be Taiki thought. Gyousou should have been back from his trip a week ago and everyone was worried, especially Taiki.

But today he was restless for another reason, the moment he was allowed to go he went out into the gardens, quickly moving through the maze of plants until he arrived in one of the main courtyards. Once there he sat down and waited, watching the sky.
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Day One

Proper meal for Dave Strider and England.

Day Two

Water and a proper meal for Ventus, a proper meal for Dave Strider

Day Three

Proper meal for England and Dave Strider. Water for Ventus.

Day Four

Proper meal for England, Ganondorf and Psiioniic

Day Five

Powers and proper meal for Psiionic, proper meal for Link (childhero) and England.

Day Six

Healing and proper meal for Ganondorf and Psiioniic, proper meal for England.

Day Seven

Healing, proper meal and water for Psiioniic, healing and water for England.

Day Eight

Warning and proper meal for Psiioniic, proper meal for Disciple, healing and proper meal for England.

Placeholders for nightmares for when I get round to actually writing them.

1st of May

Taiki's powers are halved. Vivid nightmares of touring his destroyed world with the overwhelming feeling that it is all his fault.

2nd of May

Taiki's powers are halved. Vivid nightmares of touring his destroyed world with the overwhelming feeling that it is all his fault.

3rd of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of Tai being overrun while he is away.

4th of May

Vague dreams of blood

5th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of his homeland drenched on blood.

6th of May

Vague dreams of blood

7th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of being responsible for killing his king.

8th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of being responsible for killing his king.

9th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of searching for a new king and being unable to find one as the world rots around him.

10th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of searching for a new king and being unable to find one as the world rots around him.

11th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of searching for a new king and being unable to find one as the world rots around him.

12th of May

Taiki's powers are nullified While he sleeps he experiances killing everyone in Tai with his own hands

13th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of witnessing war against Tai because he was not there.

14th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of witnessing war against Tai because he was not there.

15th of May

Taiki's powers are halved Vivid nightmares of witnessing war against Tai because he was not there.

16th of May

Taiki's powers are nullified While he sleeps he experiances drowning in blood, not being allowed to pass out.

17th of May

Taiki's powers are nullified While he sleeps he experiances drowning in blood, not being allowed to pass out.

18th of May

Taiki's powers halved Vivid nightmares of being told by the people of Tai that their suffering is all his fault whilst they suffer from gruesome injuries.

19th of May

Taiki's powers halved Vivid nightmares of being told by the people of Tai that their suffering is all his fault whilst they suffer from gruesome injuries.

20th of May

Taiki's powers halved Vivid nightmares of being told by the people of Tai that their suffering is all his fault whilst they suffer from gruesome injuries.
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Taiki smiled as he ran through the field, Sanshi close behind him. Time to play was very rare here but Taiki wasn't feeling ill and he didn't like being cooped up. The meadow wasn't outside but it was mostly nice here. Sanshi caught up with him and wrapped her arms round him while he giggled.


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Name: Taiki (Kouri)
Age: 10 11 12
Birthday: 18th August (headcanon)
Room: 2-08 with Zelos, America and Lorelei
Collar Colour: Blue
Collar Fluid: New (as of 19/12)
Job: Window Washer

Current State: It can be assumed that unless a good week goes by without any blood being spilled then Taiki is generally ill- becoming worse when there are big events involving blood and injury (unless he dies during them).

Died seven times:
- Flew off the roof with Eridan
- Got eaten by Spidermom
- Blasted by Psiioniic's powers and plummeted to his death in an elevator during the mission with Signless.
- Drowned in blood during hide and seek
- Crushed by costume in Trick or treat or die.
- Died during elevator explosion/crash
- During Individuation event

Trunk Contents:

- 2x Bizare monstrous shadows (Had with him during whale event)

1) Outfit (consisting of dark grey loose trousers, white tunic style under dress, dark grey over robe with gold clasp and white sleeve cuffs, pair of black shoes)
2) Formal outfit (white underskirts and dark grey over robe with gold trim.)
3) Pajamas, light grey
4) Gyousou's cloak (Given as reward for experiments)
5) Sketchpad (Destroyed by weather event)
6) A gem stone from Tai, about the side of his fist. (prize from pod event)

- Snuggles the teddy bear (loser prize after Hitori Kakurenbo)
- Paints (reward from trick or treat) (Destroyed by weather event)
- A smaller gem stone from Tai (December award)
- Two wooden dolls and a note from Enoch
- Gyousou's gauntlets, mangled and stained with blood. (Buried at Gyousou's grave)
- Painting of the map of the Twelve Kingdoms (reward from Quarantine)
- A formal painting of Taiki and Gyousou
- Small dog plush made of soft material, looks a bit like a bear


America (the baby one): He was in Dax's pod. They spoke in the kitchen area, America was eating ice cream and Taiki strawberries. Taiki gave him one but couldn't have any ice cream because he is a Kirin. Later Sonata was stuck in his body.

April Sinclair: A girl Taiki met at the post-body swap party. She was nice and nervous like him.

Dave Strider (OU): They spoke during Hitori Kakurenbo while Dave was dying, they spoke over the phone and they spoke about playing better games when Dave woke up and things were back to normal. There was lots of crying on Taiki's part.

In April Dave wrote on the network to say he had been to his dead world. He told Taiki it was fake because his earth had already been destroyed by meteors. Dave asked if he still wanted to play tag, Taiki said he did very much. They agreed to find more people; Taiki asked if Gohran and Sanshi could play. Dave asked who they were, Taiki explained they were his demons. Taiki creeped Dave out a bit but Dave said anyone who weren't teddy bears could play.

He said that Lalonde would be interested in his demons, she is Dave's friend. but very elusive. He also said Taiki shouldn't worry about the fact he was supposed to be an adult. Then he got angry and scary.

Taiki sponsored him for a meal on day one, two and three in the labyrinth. Afterwards Dave asked him why, Taiki told him because he was his friend and brave and didn't deserve to die. He eventually told Dave about the nightmares but told him he didn't regret it. Taiki thought Dave was angry at him when Dave was actually angry at the administrative.

He had been experimented on during June and picked Taiki up from where he was on the floor screaming about the deaths. He tried to excourage Dave to be careful but Dave was angry and said he was going to do everything he could to ruin Jason's experiment. Then he fell over because clockwork. Once he got up Taiki begged him not to die, Dave told him not to either and Taiki told him to stay strong before hugging him and being taken back to the pods.

After the whale attack Dave came to sit under the table with Taiki; he brought him food and water. He asked if Dave needed healed and then told him he could sleep under the table. Dave offered to carry him somewhere more comfortable but Taiki said it was alright.

Dave found him when he was in Kirin beast form and didn't recognise him, he had a strange creature with him.

Dax: One of the administrators. Everyone says he is the nicest but he still hurts others, he killed Tara and Ventus in the pods.

Disciple: Psiionic's friend, Taiki sponsored her on day eight of the labyrinth for a proper meal. She was in Dax's pod.

Eikichi Mishina: He was killed in week two of the pod event, he was crushed to death by Riki.

England (male): They met in the kitchens and drank Jasmine tea. They spoke about where they were from and also tea. Sanshi was there too and Taiki promised that if they ever got back he would visit England one day to see the country.

After the experiments they saw each other again and Taiki confided in England telling him how he had allowed Gohran to kill and how he and Eridan had died, as well as worrying that he was now a murderer. England tried to tell him that killing wasn't always wrong and Taiki gave him a Kirin lecture. England wasn't offended though and tried to persuade Taiki that he was not a bad person for what he had done. Taiki confided to him his worries. They met again when monsters attacked and England helped Eridan, Sanshi and Gohran fight.

After they had recovered they had tea in the meadow. England asked after Sanshi and Gohran. During Hitori Kakurenbo he spoke to England who sounded worried.

He met him on the farm floor at the end of April. He was planting flowers so he could pot them and take them to his room. Taiki asked if he could help and then promised to look after the garden if England ever couldn't.

He sponsored England in the labyrinth for a proper meal on days one, three, four, five, six and eight. Healing on days seven and eight and water on day seven. He won but as a 'reward' the administrative did something to him. Taiki tried to help him, he seemed to have demons in him and Taiki tried to control them.

He was experimented on during June and Taiki was really sad, he didn't understand why someone would hurt England so much, hurt anyone so much. England told him not to blame himself because it wasn't his fault.

Then he was voted to die by Minato and Yu and Jason cut him open and took out all his organs. Taiki screamed and screamed and screamed.

Mister Kirkland was so kind and so nice, he deserved to be in a meadow full of flowers drinking tea. Not here, not being cut apart by this monstrous man.

When Taiki returned from his dead world in November he was attacked and afterwards met England once more.

Enoch: A man Taiki met whilst he was healing people in the cafeteria during the whale attack. He was worried about Taiki because he was feverish. Taiki explained that it was just blood sickness. He went to get Taiki some water and then Taiki healed him.

They next met during the candy collecting event, Enoch had been bitten and was hurt. Taiki healed him. He saw that Enoch had only one piece of candy and so gave him some. He told him his king was helping him and that Gyousou was a wonderful and kind king. He helped Enoch up and they finally exchanged names. Taiki made sure he was alright before Enoch sent him off to make sure he replaced his candy.

The next day Taiki came across Enoch again in the outside forest having being stung by a parasite bee. Since it was on a depowered floor Taiki didn't have any magic, and though he wanted to try and get Enoch to another floor. Enoch wouldn't though and gave Taiki the rest of his candy. Taiki was very sad and at first refused the candy, but Enoch made him take it and made him promise to live. Taiki did so and then lay next to Enoch (he was in kirin beast form) letting the purified raindrops ease his pain.

Eridan Ampora (jade blood AU): When everyone's powers were going crazy because of the collar swap Taiki met Eridan in the meadow, he thought he was his roommate at first. However Gohran attacked and killed him. Taiki was traumatised and felt very guilty. The another Eridan appeared, Gohran killed him to, and a third. Taiki didn't know what to think and was horrified he had caused so much pain.

They next saw each other at the friendship affirmation party and Taiki apologised, so did Eridan though Taiki didn't know what he was apologising for, since it had been him who had been killed. Taiki told him no one should die, Eridan said it was those in control to blame for messing with their collars and they should find out more about them. He hadn't been in the tower long and had made a few friends including Willow. He also had some friends from home here. Taiki wondered if it was maybe better they weren't.

Eridan said the tower wasn't as bad as where they had come from, which scared Taiki as he couldn't imagine anywhere worse than the tower. Then they started again and made friends.

France (Female): They met in the elevator during the Midnight Man game. She seemed nice, she was in his group, she tried to help protect him and Echidna.

Ganondorf: A man Taiki found in the music room; he wanted to know what Sanshi was and he had shadows that protected him. He said some very strange things about righteousness. Taiki pointed out that good is always good and when Ganondorf argued he told him he was a Kirin and so couldn't disagree with the gods. He explained what a kirin was. Ganondorf told him his calling was noble and to go by his own standards of good. Taiki told him he wasn't a very good kirin. He told him not to cry and to work at being stronger; physically and mentally. He also told him he had to adapt. Taiki came out of the meeting thinking lots but also very sad.

He sponsored Ganondorf for a proper meal in the labyrinth on days four and six, and healing on day six.

During the candy event Ganondorf was dressed up as Santa and Taiki was ill and spoke to him. Well Sanshi did most of the talking... which was arguing. Telling Ganandorf that Taiki was a holy creature who could not be forcibly adapted to bloodshed and violence, Ganondorf telling her she was stupid and anyone could adapt and change their nature. Ganondorf suggested locking Taiki up in one of the cells but Taiki told him that the sickness was part of who he was and not having all his kirin powers that wouldn't change.

Ganondorf had fake candies and told Taiki that if people stole no one would cry for them if they died. Taiki told him that he would. He felt awkward and Sanshi explained that Taiki would always feel compassion for others and that he was inconveniencing them. Ganondorf told her that Taiki should grow up. Sanshi told him that despite his nature Taiki was not soft yet the tower made things difficult. Ganondorf told him to adapt, which Sanshi claimed would destroy him. She eventually left the table, carrying Taiki with her.

Haldir: Taiki's roommate, he didn't really talk to him much until they met in the meadow when Gyousou was there. Taiki introduced him to Sanshi and Gohran; Gyousou explained in more detail. Taiki asked if he came from the same woods as Legolas and Haldir told him no, a different woods and that Legolas was a prince.

When Gyousou disappeared Haldir tried to cheer Taiki up. He promised to always look after Taiki and promised him that Gyousou would return and so he should not be sad. Taiki explained how Kirin were always sad when separated from their masters. Haldir told him he should not lose hope then told him to dry his tears and that they were going on a picnic. Then Legolas appeared and they invited him too.

At the Christmas party Hadir learned that Gyousou had gone again.

Idrial: An elf lady who sings beautiful songs.

Jason: The cruelest administrator, he likes experimenting on people and always hurts them. Taiki spoke to him on the network once. He told Taiki that his curiosities could only be satisfied by hurting others.

Jin Shirato (AU): Taiki spoke to him on the network but Jin was anonymous so he didn't know it was him. Taiki answered a questionaire and then explained about Kirin and also the questionnaire he had answered before the October experiments.

Jun Kurosu: He was killed at the end of week two in the pod event, he was crushed to death by Riki.

Karkat Vantas (AU): Taiki hasn't actually met him but he has met spidermom and Karkat was hiding :S. He was killed at the end of week two of the pod event, he was crushed to death by Riki.

Karkat Vantas (OU): He was in Dax's pod.

Kidou Yuuto: He was in Dax's pod. They spoke in the last week. Kidou said that even though he didn't like the tower he wouldn't chose to go home because then he would have to leave his friends here behind. Taiki told him that even though he had friends his king wasn't here. He explained he was a kirin and Kidou asked him if he meant a giraffe or mythical creature. Taiki told him the mythical creature and then showed him before curling up and letting him pet his mane. He explained Kirin names and shitsedou.

At the wrap party Kidou and Taiki talked again and Taiki was glad Kidou would see his friends again soon and said he was sure they had been brave and strong.

They next saw each other in December, Kidou had a penguin that he had found in the aquarium and was with it in the snow. Taiki petted the penguin and they discussed ways to keep the penguins safe from the more vicious fish of the aquarium.

Legolas Greenleaf: An elf Taiki met in the meadow, he is very kind. Taiki told him that he had only heard of elves in childrens stories. Legolas said he came from the Woodland realm. He was just new and Taiki explained about his world and about kings and kirin. Legolas asked some questions and Taiki explained shitsedoh. Legolas thought it sounded cruel.

Taiki told him he was a kirin and that he looked different to most kirin. Legolas said he looked different to most elves of his kind. He told Taiki about his world and Taiki thought it sounded beautiful. He told Legolas that he didn't think the worlds could have gone since Keiki had told him he didn't think kirin could exist if their country was completely destroyed. They spoke about the administrators and wondered if they would ever get to meet them. Taiki told him about Ruana being on the network. They thought they should try and contact them to see if they answered. He was in Dax's pod.

Taiki spoke to him when they arrived and Legolas checked that he wasn't injured. He told Taiki he was going to help everyone be calm and Taiki agreed no one should panic. He promised to help Legolas. Legolas sang while the pod danced. At the end of the event they spoke about how awful Ruana was and how powerless they had been made. Neither could understand cruelty.

Taiki learned from Haldir that Legolas was a prince. Taiki met Legolas in the whale attack and he carried him down the stairs to a floor where Taiki could use his powers to switch forms. He told Taiki he could help carry people down from there as long as he was careful. Taiki told him to stay safe and be careful.

He burst into their room to ask Haldir on a hunt, Haldir asked him if he wanted to come on a picnic with Taiki and him instead.

Legolas came and found him before the post body swap party, he told Taiki he didn't have to call him Lord and that he didn't believe the worlds were gone and they should never lose hope. Taiki was worried because he thought the gods would have punished them by now if they were still alive, Legolas thought it was because they hadn't meant to leave Tai. He took Taiki to the party.

He next saw him in the candy collecting event, Legolas was dressed as a king. Taiki told him about Giraffe's and how it was the same word as Kirin in his earth language. Then they collected candy together by looking to see if any animals had taken it away to bury. Legolas told Taiki that Haldir was fond of him and Taiki was surprised. Taiki told him he thought Haldir thought Legolas kind even though he wouldn't admit it. Legolas made Taiki make a decision on what floor to look at next which Taiki found awkward, and they went to the forest. He turned up in the library when Taiki was meeting the other him.

Legolas (AU): Another Legolas who Taiki got muddled up and thought was the Legolas he knew. Other Legolas arrived as well, this Legolas is kind and friendly.

Link (AU): Link healed Eridan after Eridan had been tortured, Taiki was in the infirmary watching over Eridan. He likes Link because of this. They later spoke on the phone during Hitori Kakurenbo, Link told Taiki abot his world, about faries and goddesses and people living together in harmony. She told Taiki that as long as they had hope they would go home, and if the worlds were gone they could be restored. A couple of hours later Taiki saw her die over the phone, beaten with his crystallized princess. She was in Dax's pod and asked Taiki if he had seen Dax.

Majora: A strange lady who was dancing in the aquarium. She was in Dax's pod. She began to dance and Sanshi made Taiki join in.

Minato Arisato (AU): Was in the team who went with Signless to explore the lower floors of the tower. Voted for England to die during June.

Reno (OU): A window cleaner who works with Taiki, during the beginning of May he fell asleep and fell to his death, Taiki took pancakes to his room that he had ordered from the restaurant. Reno said they should go fix the harasses so no one else would get hurt and Taiki was glad to help.

Riki: One of the administrators, therefore very cruel and wrong.

Riku (OU): Taiki met him beyond the grass maze when he crashed there. Riku was practicing magic. He wore a blindfold like Ventus. Riku didn't know much about magic and Taiki told him he didn't know much despite the fact he was a kirin and should. He asked if Riku wanted a teacher; because Aqua had been teaching Taiki and he was sure she would teach Riku too.

Riku said it would make things easier but it wasn't just about what he wanted and getting lessons would be selfish when Aqua could be teaching his friends how to keep safe. Taiki felt bad about the fact he was having lessons, since he couldn't defend himself either way. He told Riku about learning to heal and how he wanted to help as many people as possible. Riku told him to keep that reason in his mind always.

They met again in the meadow some time later, they spoke about the growing tower and how it might differ depending on who is in charge. They met at the Christmas party and Riku had a bat.

Ruana: A very cruel administrator, she was the one who made everyone die in the pod event, she enjoys cruelty and turned Sayaka inside out.

Saku Gyousou: It's Gyousou. Taiki saw him in his nightmare world dead, he had nightmares in May of him dead and dying, he saw him dead in his dead world and yet Gyousou came to the tower. Taiki spent the next few weeks permamently attached to his shoulder. He filled Gyousou in about the tower, dead Tai and the fact he thought the gods were dead. Gyousou told him that as long as they were alive Tai till existed.

They met Fado and Vivi on their travels, Taiki told Gyousou how Fado played music for the gods. They met Haldir in the meadow and Gyousou was interested in his world and how it worked.

During the whale attack Gyousou went off to fight; Taiki lent him Gohran. Afterwards he took Taiki from under the table and gave him fruit. He thanked him for the loan of Gohran and praised him for his healing. He told him not to feel bad that people had still been hurt because he wasn't a god. Taiki eventually fell asleep in his arms, then spoke to Zelda. He made Taiki stay in bed until he felt better.

Then he disappeared and Taiki was heartbroken.

He came back though and there was much hugging. Gyousou told him he was strong to have carried on after seeing the destruction in Tai. Taiki filled him in about the body swapping (and the picnic!). Gyousou helped him collect candy all through October. However soon it became too much, Taiki was very ill from bloodsickness and they couldn't meet the criteria. Gyousou came to Taiki's side to try and help him as he died, Haldir was there and gave him elven tonic, Taiki was sad that Gyousou was angry and upset. Taiki died in his arms.

In December he disappeared again.

Sayaka Miki: She was in the media room listening to violin music. Taiki joined her and they listened together. During Hitori Kakurenbo she saw Taiki's video as his cupboard began to fill with blood. She told him to stay awake and he tried, but after learning she was safe and not involved in hide and seek the blood sickness took him and he fell unconscious. She spoke on the network when her powers were going out of control and Taiki wondered if it was another attempt to control them. She said she would smash her soul gem before she let them control her. Taiki begged her not to smash it and promised that it would be over soon. He saw her smash the soul gem of another girl during the pod event, then she got turned inside out by Ruana.

He spoke to her on the network but she was anonymous, he answered her questionnaire. He told her about the puzzle event.

Shion: Ventus killed him in the labyrinth.

Suzaku Kururugi: He was in Signless' group of people who explored the lower floors of the tower. In June he was exploded by Riki and died.

Tavros Nitram: He was in Dax's pod. He also was in Taiki's group for the puzzle event, he told Taiki not to cry, he had powers to control the bullfairies and did so to help them get through a maze, then they had to solve a puzzle clock which fell on them.

Terra (OU): He saw him whilst collected candy in the meadow.

Tohru Adachi: Taiki's roommate.

Urotsuki: She was in Dax's pod. She hadn't been in the tower long and was confused. She said maybe they should be thankful for the saving, Taiki told her the games often ended in people dying and explained that you came back from death. He promised that they would work together and help each other.

At the end of week two she came to comfort Taiki when he was crying she told him they couldn't help and powers didn't work and it hurt so much.

Vanellope von Schweetz: A girl who found Taiki cuddling with Sanshi and Gohran. She was cold, Taiki told her she could come and sit with them, she asked how he changed forms and he explained he was a kirin.

Veigar: Meteor summoning mage who was angry at the tower for making him ill. Sanshi told him to calm down and Taiki explained (hesitantly) that he wouldn't be able to stop them if he was angry and that there was a difference between being calm and being a coward. Veigar asked what he had done to change things. Gohran told him that his violence had changed nothing either. Veigar said that he was a member of a group to change things and Taiki assumed he meant the fellowship. Veigar got annoyed at his apologising and then walked away.

Wriggle Nightbug: A girl who is actually a firefly. She came to him when he was painting, she asked who he was painting and he explained it was his king. She asked if he liked insects, he didn't see a reason why not. She was a firefly even if she was big but slugs were really small like normal slugs. That was because she was a firefly youkai. She painted a picture of them, and made sure he was smiling in it. Then they went to the nice forest to listen to insects.

She told him his apologising was annoying and it made him feel bad. But then she made him smile again.

Yosuke Hanamura: He was in Dax's pod. It was his birthday in week three, a friend from Jason's pod had given him a present; he was eighteen. It was a figure that was part of his spirit, Taiki wondered if it was like his kirin form. Yosuke hadn't realised the kirin had been Taiki. He explained what a Kirin did; since Yosuke thought he was a kind of knight.

Yosuke asked what would happen if the king decided to kill a load of people. That made Taiki sad to think about and he said he would have to stop him or be punished by the gods. He apologised for being upset and Yosuke told him it was alright to miss people.

Yu Narukami: Voted for England to die during June.

Yukiteru Amano: New roommate, quiet and awkward. Taiki felt awkward around him and so painted quietly, Yukki asked what he was painting, which was Sanshi but didn't want to meet her. Yukki thought it was his fault the worlds had been destroyed. Taiki tried to reassure him it wasn't but wasn't able to. The conversation ended with them both curled up in balls on their beds being sad.

Zelda (sageprincess): He watched her die in Hitori Kakurenbo, she was turned into crystal and hit against Link until she shattered. During the labyrinth she asked if it were possible to enter the elevators. Taiki told her about the time he and Signless' group did and what had happened. He told her to be careful whatever she was planning. She was in Dax's pod. She played beautiful music on her harp.

She tried to get them to work out what the administrative were planning and what the challenges were in week three. Taiki was really sad but tried his best to help. He suggested playing a game in case it was to see how they coped with boredom after Zelda suggested it might be to see if they fought among themselves. Later they danced so everyone could be free.

In week four after they failed Taiki curled up next to her because she was safe, and she petted his hair. He next saw her at the fellowship meeting. She was one of the leaders of the fellowship. She spoke to Gyousou during the aftermath of the whale attack but Taiki was unconscious then.

Zo: A boy who is one of the administrators, he seems to be a captive with power.

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TRIGGERS. Taiki has incredibly low self esteem and tends to believe himself to be an annoyance or useless most of the time. Anything that reiterates that he will be sad about. Also in Animus atm any thoughts or his king will make him incredibly upset. (OOCly obviously go ahead and mention any of these things, it is fine)
MEDICAL INFO. He is a Kirin, can turn into beast form, has two demons that live in his shadow. In beast form he can fly and walk through solid objects. He cannot fight unless under the direct command of his king, he cannot bow down to anyone but his king. Blood makes him feverish and ill.
MENTAL INFO. Nothing really here
FOURTH-WALLING. Yep if you like. Though (in the rare case we get a character that does know the 12 Kingdoms) if your going to mention his future please talk to me first.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Yay hugging! A note that his horn is at the centre of his forhead when he is in human form (it is hidden) and putting your hand over it will cause him nausea. OOCly its fine, just expect him to get upset.
INJURE/KILL. If you wish, though his demons will interfere. Either way plot with me first!
ANYTHING ELSE. Let me know if you want to avoid spoilers! Also if any of the above are things you would rather me keep out of Taiki's posts when I tag with you!
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Character Name: Taiki (also Takasato Kaname or Kouri)

Character Series: 12 Kingdoms

Character Age: 10 11

Personality: If Taiki was writing a report on his life he would conclude "could do better". Taiki is a Kokki a black Kirin, rare and beautiful hs coming said to bring joy. He is also a Taika his Ranka lost in a storm called a shoku and taken to Hourai- our world. He grew up feeling different and always not good enough. Never able to fit in at school, constantly drawing his grandmothers ire, knowing his mothers tears were caused by him. When he was finally found and taken back to mount Hou everything made sense; he had never been a part of that family. He wasn't human thats why he never felt like he belonged.

However the feeling of inadequecy never left him- even causing him to doubt that he was a Kirin at all. Kirin spend their first five years in Kirin form, able to transform into human form after a couple of years and slowly able to maintain it for longer. Using the yellow sea they tame Shirei to protect them. Everything they do is instinctive. Not so for Taiki. He does not know how to transform to Kirin form, his attempts at catching Sjirei are unsucessful.

Because other Kirin do those things by instinct no one quite knew how to explain things to him- indeed he spends a long time believing he is suposed to transform into a giraffe! This depends his confusion and feelings of inadequecy. The sages ask Keiki to come and help Taiki, since he is the next youngest Kirin and they believe it will help Keiki to better understand others. However at first Keiki, infamous for not quite explaining himself only makes things worse. Over time though they become friends and Taiki announces that he always knew Keiki was kind.

Even when he meets his king he does not recognise the revelation and mistakes it for fear. Even after he aknowledges him as kind he believes he has done if for selfish reasons and has gone against the will of the gods. He is terrfied that the gods will punish Gyousou and it is a long time before he can even tell Keiki what he has done.

Even without knowing or believing that Gyousou is the king his feelings towards him bring out his Kirin instincts, in order to protect him he binds a toutetsou youma; so powerful that most Kirin could not survive an enounter with one, however Taiki has extraordinary willpower when it comes to protecting others and binds Gouran to his will. When Gyousou is leaving the mountain Taiki's urge to go after him forces him to transorm for the first time. Yet he still doubts himself. He is a very timid boy- he is immortal and will become unaging once he has reached Kirin maturity but he really is still just ten years old. He tends to assume everything is his fault and will apologise unecessarily, he shows his emotions clearly, often crying when he is afraid or sad.

Abilities: Like all Kirin in the twelve kingdoms Taiki has a mixture of abilities. He is immortal and unaging, normal weapons cannot kill him- though beheading him can. His health is linked to his monarch and country; meaning if his king is bad for the country Taiki will be struck down by a disease called Shitsodou.

As previously mentioned Taiki did not grow up in Kirin form, and so only has his Nyokai - a nursemaid demon, his is called Haku Sanshi, and a very powerful Toutetsou Youma called Gouran which often takes the form of a small dog, but in battle can be a giant wolf. These Shirei are vital as Kirin abhor conflict, get weak and dizy at the sight and smell of blood and are physically incapable of violence even to protect their monarch. They make a pact with these shirei- the demons agree to protect and obey them and in return on the kirin's death they consume the body and gain power.

When Taiki is in Kirin form he can fly, is fast and can move through solid material. He can also do simple divination and create small storms between his world and our world but this will not work in Animus since it is not of either world.
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